Alex White Mazzarella: SOCIETY UNDER FIRE


April 30 – May 15, 2010

The Soapbox Gallery is pleased to announce an upcoming exhibition that presents recent works by artist Alex White Mazzarella. The show, titled “Society Under Fire”, presents six neo-expressionist mixed media paintings that visually communicate our perceived societal condition and the increasing threat it holds to our humanity.

Highlighting the show is a seven-foot red, yellow and gray painting/drawing, titled “Becoming Bubble Gum”. Here alongside an iconic language and provocative script, a punk like fetus lays hostage to an arriving sharp and jagged environment. This painting is made from oil pastel, charcoal, acrylic paint, enamel, coffee grounds and buckets of water. It will remain in the storefront gallery window through May 15.

Building upon street art and graffiti as the cave paintings of today, Alex White Mazzarella intense yet whimsical work expresses perspectives on the contemporary human in an urban language derived from his current working city, New York.

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