May 11th – May 14th 2012
Anabela Zigova

Grand Street Special is a 7 minute experimental film which communicates a feeling of spontaneous joy in everyday life.
The film was shot in a Brooklyn bar in Mexican Spanish with English subtitles. It is fragmented and non-linear, and partly focuses on testing the audience’s perception of the social status of immigrant workers, and artists. (The film was made with the participation of non-actors in a real work environment during slow shift at the bar….)

With: Valéria Vasil´ová
Produced by: KOLLEKTIV.

Brooklyn based, Slovakia born, graduate of Beaux Arts de Paris, film artist Anabela Zigova originally comes from a performance and video arts background. She explores film narrative mainly as a potential to create emotional experiences complicated by individual perceptions. Her film work is informed by first-hand life experiences, a mix of spontaneity and a deeper engagement with everyday life. She is currently also producing and shooting a documentary film that exposes and brings to light still-suppressed facts of the activities of the Slovakian secret police during the communist era.

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