Anne Burlock Lawver: INDELIBLE

On view March 22 – April 20. Opening reception Sat, Mar 22, 6-8pm.
Anne Burlock Lawver focuses on the personal, the intimate, and the fleeting emotions that could be captured only in close-up. At Soapbox, she will present a series of striking photographs taken at the Gun Metal Ink tattoo parlor in Washington Heights, NYC, over the course of one year.

Gallery hours: Thu – Sat 12-6pm; Sun 3-6pm

Donny & Cesar for Card & release-1Ms. Lawver’s work offers us, as viewers, a window into some peoples’ most closely guarded moments, and the physical pain, the notion of permanence, but also the trust and the beauty inherent in the tattooing experience is incredibly vivid in her photographs. Fascinated by the ever-evolving configurations formed by the two people– tattooed and tattoo artist– involved in the tattooing process, she captures the different reactions of each client to the experience. She delivers a spectacular and touching series of photographs that show the range of emotions felt during such an intimate process: having an indelible and meaningful mark inscribed intentionally and directly on one’s skin.

I have been given privileged permission to photograph during tattoo sessions that allow me extraordinary access to witness remarkable beauty and private experience.  My photographs capture the experience of obtaining tattoos.  Each person responds differently; for some the experience is minor, for others it is physically extremely painful.  The process of getting tattooed for me, as a photographer, is visually as lyrical and beautiful as ballet.  My desire is to take photographs that communicate those intimate moments I see through the lens.  Anne Burlock Lawver

About Anne Burlock Lawver

Anne Burlock Lawver received her BFA in Art History at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). She was Assistant to the Curator at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  She was also a professional events photographer in Richmond Virginia with clients such as Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU); Medical College of Virginia (MCV); Union Theological Seminar, Richmond VA; Philip Morris; as well as photographing private gatherings.
She studied at International Center of Photography (ICP) with Bobbi Lane and was tutored privately by Arlene Collins and Mindy Veissid in NYC.
Before entering the field of photography, Anne Burlock Lawver worked in the field of information systems in state government, education, and the corporate world in Virginia and Washington, DC.

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