Home in all its familiarity, arrangement and structure is a constantly shifting environment, a stranger at times. Cleaning Day will be completed over a period of 6.5 days. Each day from 5:00PM to 7:00PM the arrangement of furniture and personal items from the artist Chere Krakovsky’s East Village home will be dismantled and new objects added creating a new configuration, from kitchen into library, from sitting room into study. The Soapbox window will be cleaned in and out, a daily practice, a meditation, a blank page, or empty canvas. The public is invited to participate by bringing a personal object to include in each days new arrangement. Home is shared as the artist reconstructs the familiar, making the personal- public to those who pass by.

Chere Krakovsky received her BFA from California Institute of the Arts and her MFA from Goddard College in Vermont. She has performed in various non- traditional settings in New York City; Iowa City, IA; Providence, RI; and Philadelphia, PA.

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