Emphasizing the dynamics of Soap Box’s Window space, a silhouette of NBA star Carmelo Anthony (born and raised in Red Hook and who now plays for the Knicks), is frozen in mid jump shot, literally ‘pealed’ out of his circle, floating in the forefront for all to look up to.

A video using in-game imagery and footage shot at an empty neighborhood basketball court mixed with the future stadium construction site across the street reflects upon changes and real space. This piece speaks of class and education, and that to some kids, basketball and the dream of playing in the NBA can be the only ticket to success.

David Borawski lives and works in Hartford, Connecticut, and has exhibited both nationally and internationally. A conceptually based installation and video artist, he uses common materials to address socio-political issues, while leaving the interpretations intentionally fluid. The inclusion of video acts as an extension of the sculptural elements, expanding the visual field and the abstract forum.

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