Dieter Kuhn

Dieter Kuhn’s emphasis is on process and not project. His current work focuses on natural sedimentation and erosion, and on the idea that things can be flushed away over and over again, always leaving a trace and creating a denser version of themselves.

“There is dirt, lots of mistakes, advances that turn out to be dead-ends, things like that. Rules are devised, then stretched or broken. Hands down, no questions asked, the pick of a guy with an eye.” – Dieter Kuhn, about his exhibition.

Dieter was born 1949 in Switzerland, and has been living and working in New York for more than ten years. He has had solo shows in Switzerland at the Stufenbau Gallery, the Susanne Gallery, and the Hannah Feldman Gallery in Bern, as well as in several galleries in Hungary. In New York, he has participated in group shows at the Queens Museum of Art, the Red Gallery, and Omni Gallery among other places.

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