Dorothy Krakovsky: RECENT PAINTINGS – EXTENDED to March 16

On view February 15 – March 16. For info please call Chere Krakovsky: 917 406 – 9415.

90 year old painter Dorothy Krakovsky is diminished in physical capacity, but when in the act of painting moves as if she is possessed.  The dream of flying is so real, yet when we wake we know it is not possible, but in Krakovsky’s recent work she flies taking us with her on the journey.

Gallery Hours: Thu-Sat 11AM – 6PM, Sun 3PM – 6PM.

Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 6' x 5', 2013

Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 6′ x 5′, 2013

In my University of Iowa Master’s thesis, 1970, I stated that my objective in painting was to eliminate all representational images from my work.   The name of my Master’s thesis was “Metaphysical-scapes” in which elements of landscapes appeared.  Through the years landscape and other representational imagery kept surfacing.  As time went on my painting became less and less representational.  I think I achieved my goal in the large non-objective paintings that are some of my most recent works.

I now realize that the distance between “Metaphysical-scapes” and complete non-objectivity is ‘a leap of faith’ from the material to the non-material, in fact to the spiritual. - Dorothy Krakovsky

Dorothy Krakovsky resides in NYC but spent her early life in Minneapolis, MN. Her parents were Russian immigrants. Growing up in the depression has had a lasting impact on her life. Krakovsky served in the U.S Navy as a Wave during World War II, working on aircraft instruments, and later as a journalist. She was divorced in 1958 and raised her daughter alone. At age 41 Krakovsky received her BFA in painting from California College of Arts and Crafts.  Krakovsky went on to receive a Masters degree in painting from the University of Iowa in 1970.  She has continued to paint and draw throughout her life with dedication, exuberance, and a commitment to the expansion and growth of her work.  She has difficulty walking at 90 years of age, but when she paints she soars.

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