tina hanAn exhibition of mixed-media work by Tina Han.

Tina Han’s practice starts in the everyday, layering material from her daily life, like a palimpsest. The process begins with unconscious mark making as she routinely fills notebooks that are later transcribed in her studio. Their medium morphs as drawings get edited, combined, cut and layered. Once in the studio, the automatic drawings gain form and structure via that transformation; a certain consciousness is gained through arrangement.
The drawings on paper are abstract forms that undulate and move. Active and malleable, there is a feeling of fluidity in the non-hierarchical, figure-to-ground relationships. The collages have a more solid structure, as they combine fabric and paper.  Han builds up the surface via cutting, sewing and drawing layer upon layer.  Like all of her source material, these fabric scraps-turned-canvas are intimate objects from her daily life. Clothing and material from her home get transplanted to the studio. The delicacy of her drawn lines are balanced by architectural details. Columns, balusters and ornate filigree emerge from the loose, fluid compositions. It is this balance of a daily free form drawing practice and architectural exploration that give the work a sense of topography, like maps tracing a daily journey.

On view July 23 – August 5, 2014
Opening reception Wednesday, August 23, 6pm-8pm

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