Elizabeth Williams

Sculptures: Cotton, lace, paper, string, Acrylic, polyvinyl acetate.

Elizabeth Williams is interested in the study of figure, form, and color and is passionate about women’s rights. Using everyday materials as the core substance of her sculptures, she fabricates her female torsos hoping to allow their individual voices to be expressed through the details of their shape and color. “We should celebrate our individual differences; our unique voices should never be suppressed. In today’s challenging and turbulent world we must continue to help elevate the acceptance of the Voices of Women, especially in this ever expanding global community. Expression should be free from discrimination and violence – period – end of story.”

Elizabeth Williams grew up in Connecticut and is a full-time professional painter who now lives in San Antonio, Texas. After a successful career in marketing as a graphic designer, she returned to making art utilizing her knowledge of design to serve as a foundation for her work. Her work is represented in galleries, corporate, and private collections across the United States and Canada.


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