PlatyComb-The Way You Live Now is a modular architectural work that examines the twin aspects of luxury and survival that seem to condition contemporary urbanized habitats. The project specifically focuses on the way meaning is derived from connection. This has a twofold quality, first in the way that the work connects to a site, and second in the way it connects with itself. The first quality is seen as ambiguous in nature, where the question of what and who the architecture is for is unsettled, while the second is seen as positive in the sense that problems of construction and form are internally regulated. The negentropy that mediates this twofold is what the work attempts to make manifest.

Eric Worcester is a New York based architect who sees architecture as an instrument for exploring the cultural and formal conditions that implicate buildings and their environments. Identifying the primary problem of architecture to be mediation, efforts typically involve the decomposition of the ordering systems that constitute a work. The production and manifestation of a work addresses the systems, techniques and attitudes that direct architecture’s tendency towards omniscience. Eric received his graduate degree from Columbia University and formed his practice Manifold over a decade ago.

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