Esperanza Cortes: THRONE


Throne is a large installation work which incorporates over 500 clay flowers made by the artist. Each petal bearing the life lines from her left hand surrounding a bamboo baby chair. This work is fueled by rituals of birth, death and renewal.

I was originally inspired to become an artist by the “Houses of Worship” I attended as a child. These “Churches” were total environments: architecture, lighting, incense, painted and sculpted images all combined to create a sense of awe in the viewer. My works are metaphors of experience. I use the human body as a symbol of nature, vulnerability and power.

My interest in the folk art traditions, ritualistic art, music and dance of Latin America, The Caribbean, Africa and their continuous and evolving changes are at the core of my sculpture and installation work. My installations are informed by individual and collective memory. My recent body of work examines the extent to which a consciousness, national or personal, defines itself through the opposing force of a transcultural experience. — Esperanza Cortes

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