I Spy A Bag

SoapboxNew Yorkers use 5 000 000 000 plastic bags a year. Join us on April 15, one week before Earth Day, to bring awareness to this issue with the great Mobile Steam Unit Music Band & Bag it! Screening with AllOurEnergy.

From March 2015 to October 2015, Dorothee Pierrard took pictures of NYC plastic bags. Just 10 minutes of her time every day would get her 1500 shots on instagram and on the bagitnyc.org map.

Plastic bags fly from trash bins and litter the city at an incredible speed. They usually get stuck in trees, go down sewers and end up in oceans where sea turtles mistake them for jellyfish; 50 % of seaturtles have actually already ingested plastic as well as 99% of marine birds. By 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.

Plastic bags are not biodegradable . They break down in tiny particles that remain in our environment . They are made from plastic #2 for the lighter ones and plastic #4 for the thickest ones. All of them apparently contain and disperse nonylphenol which presents several serious health hazards (source : @lifewithoutplastic ) .

Only around 5 % of plastic bags are recycled . It is hard for facilities to get clean material and additionally, it is cheaper to produce them from virgin oil, so the recycling rate usually drops with the barrels’ prices. (source : @npr ) . And it is not a closed loop : some material resulting from the transformation (like the black bags usually found at delis ) cannot be recycled again. (source : the Sim Facility )

Organizations like plasticbaglaws.org, surfridersnyc and bagitnyc are pushing to pass a ¢10 bill by Earth Day. This fee may even be lower than ¢5. But it has been shown in various places since 2005 that setting a price to plastic bags decreases considerably their use (it did by 95 % in Ireland).

Some opponents say it would hurt low-income families, but it costs about 12 million dollars to NYC to discard plastic bags into landfills, which eventually weighs on all tax-payers . People on food-stamps will also be exempted from the ¢10 plastic bag fee,  and organizations are already giving away reusable bags.

Please join us on April 15th to continue to raise awareness to this crucial issue.

6:30pm: Opening
7pm: Live music with Mobile Steam Unit Music Band
8pm: Film Screening by AllOurEnergy

with live music and a film screening.

Click here for a quick peek of Dorothee Pierrard’s pics

About Dorothee Pierrard:  Dorothee has been working with people with disabilities and refugees for the past 10 years. When she arrived in New York she discovered the concept of Environmental Injustice and the impact of trash in low income neighborhoods . She started the I Spy A Bag Project to expose the impact of the 5 000 000 000 plastic bags used every year in the city, flying away from trash bins to trees, parks, drains, beaches and ending up in the oceans where it is considered that by 2050 plastic will outweigh fish.




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