3This fascinating durational performance takes place during the whole night of the September equinox. Jacobus Capone explores notions of reality and appearances, inwards and outwards, and the complexity of the universe vs. our tiny perception of it. From sunset on Sept 22 to sunrise on Sept 23.

Though we may occasionally come to believe that the complexities concealed within the universe have been clearly understood, we are ultimately and forever at a point where we can only observe the tiniest fragments of the whole. We are constantly caught between the false appearance which is accessible, and the reality which is not. There is a solemn sadness that lies here, a regret, a longing to feel without thinking. To access what could be beyond the wall of language.

As the sun sets on September 22, time will be given to darkness through a gesture that asks whether a momentary equilibrium between the exterior and interior sensations could be accessed, and hence if a harmony could be reached where one could possibly be within the “specious present”.


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