Jessie Kotler: PRIMARY WORK

oldguy_1080 Jessie Kotler is interested in vulnerability and mortality, choosing to look at things that many  prefer to look away from, such as death. Her photographs show what is real, to make us aware of the whole story, without missing any part of it. On view September 1 to 12. Opening Sept 3, 6-8pm.

Jessie Kotler takes photographs to become intimate with all beings. She searches for herself in her subjects. Her photos are spontaneous. She never tell her subjects what to do or how to pose.  Sometimes the subjects are aware of the camera and sometimes they are unaware. Regardless of how the photo is taken, what she looks for is always the same.

I am interested in vulnerability and mortality. I like to look at things that many choose to look away from such as death. I spent the last year working at a hospice sitting with people while they were dying. Seeing death up close makes me feel more alive.

I am drawn to sadness, discomfort and unpleasant things such as a dog run over by a car or an old lady wearing too much makeup. I like what is dark and strange. For me, that is a raw piece of meat or a girl with an eye infection. I want to see the whole story. I don’t want to look away from anything. I try to see what is real. 
Jessie Kotler earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. Images from her ongoing series were exhibited in Various Photographs, an installation curated by Tim Barber for the New York Photo Festival. These images were also published in the book Various Photographs published by TV books. Kotler’s photographs have been published in Vice magazine’s Photo Edition and Slate Magazine. Kotler is working on a new project called “sadcake”. Kotler resides in Brooklyn, NY.

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