John Davis: CUT OUT


May 14 – 28, 2010

Interior gallery 12-6pm daily/Street level installation *Anytime*

Soapbox Gallery is pleased to present “Cut Out”, a solo exhibition by San Antonio-based artist John Davis.

John Davis’ practice of painting investigates problems with communication, fragmented living and identity roles. Personal concerns derived from a background in 80’s suburbia inspire methodical, at times obsessive pictures. The painting process and resulting works are a way to edit culture. By cutting out, removing, and rearranging images on a surface Davis exposes the underlying tension within the American lifestyle.

Through lack of dialogue a dialogue emerges. The division of picture planes indicate divisions between people, and suggest a syndrome of pretension and miscommunication. Materials and image sources for the work come from everyday unapologetic content: cassettes, comics, white out and other memorabilia.

John Davis lives and works in San Antonio, TX. He received his MFA from the University of New Orleans. He has exhibited paintings in Italy, Austria, New York and Chicago. While in New Orleans his work was purchased by the New Orleans Museum of Art. In 2007 Davis contributed as a visiting artist to the graduate program at Yale.

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