The R-EVOLVE installation opens on Friday, February 17, 6-8 p.m. and Krystyna Borkowska will be there. For the rest of the exhibition, February 18-March 1, the installation can be seen through the window of the space.

Like a small urban chapel or a reliquary, a gallery in this Brooklyn neighborhood encloses a hidden “presence,” a presence that you may stumble upon or see in the corner of your eye as you stroll along Dean Street, passing by the gallery while doing your daily stuff.

In my paintings I refer to the space. I use box-like stretchers and metal leaf (such as: silver, copper, aluminum, gold and others) in addition to the traditional painting materials. For the last 20 years I used my paintings in an installational way in order to respond to the spatial environment directly. In my exhibitions I often organize groups of canvases on a grid. The installations reflect the space’s proportion, it’s architectural dynamics and character. Sometimes, the positioning of the metal leaf on the peripheries of the canvas and the sides of the stretchers provide the possibility of the light reflection onto the wall surrounding the metallic parts. Therefore, the metal leaf enables the physical response of the painting to the site. The reflectiveness of the metal surfaces expands the pieces and bonds them to the environment organically, plus – creates additional dimension. These ‘extending qualities’ connect the paintings phenomenologically to the surrounding architecture. — Krystyna Borkowska, 2012

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