Drawing Attention is a viewer driven installation that draws on audience participation to encourage projection and self-reflection in order to better consider the role, responsibilities, and consequences of being an American soldier. By considering hypothetical service in the military, participants are compelled to confront American complacency and bystander apathy towards the 10-year “war against terror”. The audience is asked to wear provided military gear and face their transformation in the mirror. Digital Polaroids will record each of these ‘soldiers’ after which point the images will be arranged by the artist on-site.

As a nation, we have witnessed the precipitating incidents, the resultant events, and all the consequent circumstances leading us to the present day. The war in the Middle East has polarized our nation to the stage where soldiers have stopped being seen as you or I. War becomes exalted or scorned according to personal or political beliefs and our soldiers – our citizens – become lost in a very large picture.

Ten years later, loss of life continues. We have transitioned through Operation Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom. To date, more than 6000 enlisted men and women have lost their lives. Countless more have been injured and civilians have paid a heavy price.

Please take a moment to view this installation, perhaps put yourself in a soldiers shoes, and participate in the dialogue.


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