Melanie Carr: SWAP SHOP


SWAP SHOP is a participatory public piece about exchange. SWAP SHOP allows participants/the public to set the market by their willingness to contribute in an exchange of goods where the “swap” becomes the market price; one item equals one item, etc.

The Swap Shop becomes social sculpture with restorative power for human connectedness. The SWAP SHOP depends upon public participation where one’s willingness to partake in an alternative system spur’s the creativity of its makers and viewers, where viewers become producers of an experience, and life and art are finely integrated among all.

Melanie Carr was born and raised in Connecticut. She earned a B.A. in painting at Central Connecticut State University in 2000 after serving in the United States Military. She is an M.F.A. candidate of the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University 2011.

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