How to Submit Your Artwork

Submit up to 3 images by email or mail with no more than 400 words (optional). Please keep email attachments under 20MB.

We accept submissions on an rolling basis, and we book several months in advance.

Send all submissions and questions to

Information for Artists

  1. The Gallery reserves the right to select the artists’ work that it wants to display. This will be based on personal choice, without censorship or compromise.
  2. Selected artists’ work will be displayed for 2 weeks.
  3. Sales of the work displayed will be handled through the Gallery. A 25% commission will be taken for any sales from the display.
  4. Proceeds from private sales of work other than that displayed will be exclusively for the artist. The Gallery will not take any commission from private sales.
  5. Each artist will be responsible for their own shipping and handling, both to and from the Gallery.
  6. The Gallery will hang the work except in the case of installations that are especially complex.
  7. Show cards or other public announcements will be the responsibilty of the artist.
  8. The Gallery will be lit at night and secured at night behind a security gate.

Location and Space

Soapbox Gallery is located at 636 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238 between Carlton and Vanderbilt.

It is in the heart of Prospect Heights and stands on the front line facing the future Ratnerville.

The Gallery is a closed street level space behind glass. It is 10 feet wide, 10 feet high, and 7 feet deep. At night it is secured with a security gate. It is lit during the evening. Three to four times a year, we have longer exhibitions that take over the interior space of the gallery. They run for three weeks and have regular gallery hours. Check back in August for the next call for submissions for the Winter Exhibition.