A controversy is brewing in Atlantic Yards. Nine Brooklyn brownstones were excavated to make way for a NY Nets Sports Arena. This small-scale model represents 20 blocks that were in peril of being demolished, in this case, by a giant remote control operated basketball.

The neighborhood is spring-loaded and resilient, as are the residents who continue to spring back up in opposition to having their homes replaced with a sporting arena. Traveling is a term used in basketball when a player walks while holding onto the ball possessively without dribbling or passing. This piece is meant to draw much needed attention to this issue and to promote the preservation of historic Brooklyn.

Kim Mikenis has performed her self-written and constructed puppet shows throughout NY in locations such as Galapagos, Dixon Place, Tank with Drama of Works- a company granted numerous Henson Foundation Grants, New Britain Museum of Art in CT and ArtSpace, New Haven, CT. Her most recent work based on the phenomena of the McGurk Effect was featured in Mindsets, a linguistics inspired show at Yale University.

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