Visitor Center for Erratic Monuments

katarina jerinic 01 copie

Erratics are large boulders that were left behind by glaciers. “Visitor Center for Erratic Monuments” is dedicated to the interpretation of some such peculiar rocks found along sidewalks in Brooklyn.

With a photographic wall map, staffed information desk, video kiosk, souvenir postcards, and take-away maps, the center–temporarily installed at Soapbox Gallery–offers visitors a chance to explore the neighborhood landscape both geologically and otherwise.

I make maps, photographs, and invented navigational guides that respond to and intervene in city environments. I am interested in systems projected onto the landscape and other ideas of the unknown in order to make them explorable and meaningful. Visually, my work refers to the topography of urban and natural places, while suggesting a way of wandering through both simultaneously. Starting from the vantage point of a hybrid pedestrian-explorer, I use the structure of one to examine the other, as proposals for navigating and understanding one’s relationship to space. – Katarina Jerinic

Katarina Jerinic has an MFA from School of Visual Arts and a BA in history from American University. She has been a resident at MacDowell Colony, Center for Book Arts, Experimental Television Center, and the Bronx Museum of the Arts AIM program. Her work has been in exhibitions at the Bronx Museum of the Arts, Queens Museum of Art, Proteus Gowanus, NurtureArt, Rotunda Gallery, Bronx River Art Center, Conflux Festival, Temple Gallery at Tyler School of Art, among others. Her collaboration with Naomi Miller, The Work Office (TWO), received grants from Black Rock Arts Foundation, Brooklyn Arts Council, Chashama, LMCC Swing Space, and Times Square Alliance. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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