Water 1Water is at the heart of life, the single most important resource, a worldwide symbol throughout the ages for cleansing, rebirth, balance, harmony, and wisdom. Join us on Friday, Nov 22 from 6pm-9pm for an exhibition opening and a music performance around the theme of water. On view til Dec 14.


Water is essential to life. In ample supply it provides for nature’s bounty and the flourishing of culture, community, and well being. In scarcity, it portends death and destruction, the demise of great civilizations.

With climate change progressing, offsetting natural balances and increasing drought, with the human population swelling to an unsustainable number (reaching 9 billion by 2050–only 37 years away), the manner in which we succeed or fail to appreciate the value of this precious resource and share it, will determine the survival of mankind.

We would like to celebrate this beautiful ingredient of life with you at the Soapbox Gallery. On Friday November 22nd at 6 PM, come and meet our outstanding visual artists and musicians.

Angela Lam (Amaya Arts Corp.) Art dealer and curator

RSVP: angela@amayaarts.com

Gallery hours: Saturdays 2pm – 6pm or by appointment.
 Visual Artists: 
Jimmy Greenfield
Sculptor, he strives to depict these conflicts in his work. Figurative elements cast in dirt and displayed with natural detritus as narrative installations, his sculptures are offered as warning signs to inspire meditation about the challenges ahead and the need for an evolution of human spirit.
Leigh Wen
Painter. Her paintings express her personal and cultural histories. Having grown up on the island of Taiwan, Leigh Wen has a deep affinity for the elemental power of water and the forces of nature. Now living in America, she feel the ebb and flow of competing cultures. The ancient philosophies of her homeland, which teach self-discipline and selflessness, collide and mingle with Western notions of ego, alienation, and desire.
 Hayes Greenfield
Renown saxophonist, composer, and educator, will be performing a live multilayered sound installation that celebrates the sheer magic and wonder of flowing water against an ominous undercurrent that reflects man’s greed and hubris threatening the natural world.



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