WORKS OF ART BY BRAD DARCY AND CHAW EI THEIN, curated by Nunu Hung “Transformed Conversation”

Soapbox Gallery is pleased to present the two person exhibition “Transformed Conversation” with New York based artist Brad Darcy and Burma based artist Chaw Ei Thein. In “Transformed Conversation”, Mr. Darcy and Ms Chaw Ei Thein explore the artist’s self conscious role in the engagement of social and political issues, and the responsibility to communicate perspectives on an aesthetic level.

Mr. Darcy has been concentrating on human evolution as the central theme of his work, and for “Transformed Conversation” his exploration consists of abstracted cyclical interpretations. Through sketches, animations, and paintings, his physically charged lines and manipulated imagery touch on various themes including mass media, connectivity, as well as natural phenomena.

Ms Chaw Ei Thein explores political truths of her native country, Burma. Assimilating current Burmese realities, her sculptures are dedicated to those who have suffered political repression and human rights abuses. In her latest work, “Bed”, Chaw Ei Thein transforms her bittersweet memories and emotions of her exiled hometown into a meditative installation.

“Transformed Conversation” is curated by NuNu Hung

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